What are Bokhara Trumpeters?

bokhara trumpeters

The Bokhara Trumpeter is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over time through selective breeding. Bokhara Trumpeters, along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons,  descends from the rock pigeon.

One of the most well-known breeds of Trumpeter in the U.S., the Bokhara Trumpeter is most noticeably characterized by its lengthy full muffs (feathers on the feet) and double crest which totally obscures the bird’s eyes and offers it a appear reminiscent of the Previous English Sheepdog

As a trumpeting breed, the bokhara pigeon is  so named since after it’s distinct vocalization which can sound somewhat similar to laughter.

It might also aid in further research to interesting to note the classification the Bokhara trumpeter falls under as some countries/areas classify pigeons with different names. In Australia they are known as ‘Asian feather or voice pigeons’, in Europe as ‘Trumpeter Pigeons’ and in the US generally classified as just ‘Fancy Pigeons‘.


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